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The Diplomatic Embassy

Exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new lives, new civilizations -- that's the easy part.

Getting them together in one room to talk - THAT'S an adventure!

As conflicts ensue across the expanding Galaxy, there will always be a need for mediation. That's just one of the many goals of the Diplomatic Embassy. In addition to maintaining open channels of communication between all of the disparate factions, The Embassy also sponsors excellent parties.

If Diplomacy is your forte, then the Embassy NEEDS your talents. Remember, it is possible to belong to more than one Division in FOE. If you want to play another character in addition to your Diplomat, that's fine.

The Embassy has no formal ranking system: All diplomats are equal (and are eligible for a 10% discount at the Palpatine Mega-Mall). While the work is serious, we try to have some fun. If you join The Embassy, we would like a biography of your Diplomatic persona. In addition, we also print communiques to other diplomats or characters, artwork, and Imperial Invasion clippings and any generalized or related SW news you happen across.

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